life strategies

While taking Sport Marketing I learned many new strategies and tools that can help me in the future. I understand more about how sports can be marketed. Also I understand that there are many ways that sports can be promoted including the use social media, sponsorship and advertising. I was involved in a group project […]

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Promoting Using Senses

In Evan Brown’s article ‘Paving The Way To Improve Brand Experiences” he discusses how building brands can relate to the five senses. Smells when it comes to brands can be very attractive or appealing depending on who you are. Evan says that smells can link a person to a place or object. Some companies try […]

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Red Flames From The North

In an advertisement for the Calgary Flames called “Brand Your Passion”, at a party a Vancouver Canucks fan is talking to the three women wo are Calgary Flames fans about how much better his team is than theirs. Then an old man fires a slap shot and knocks the Canucks fan out with the puck. […]

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Sharing the love of Nike

    In the Nike “Snow Day” commercial promoting their winter outdoor athletic clothing line, they have a bunch of athletes from all over the sporting community coming together to make two teams to play a friendly game of football in the snow. Nike did this to get their consumers ready for the cold winter […]

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The Russian Doping Scandal

Before the Rio Olympics, the International Olympic Committee found out that the Russian track team and a few other Russian athletes were doping. The IOC banned the entire team then decided to change that and make the regulations harder for team Russia. Out of the 350 plus athletes, only 278 could go and 100 could […]

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